In 2021 the market of e-commerce in Ukraine increased by 41%. It’s around 2.6% of the Ukrainian GDP. Ukrainian consumers are used to purchase electronics, appliances, apparel, cosmetics, home and garden products and food online.

The most successful e-commerce companies in Ukraine are represented by the largest marketplaces:

  • – 40 % of all online orders
  • – 32.5 %
  • -26.5 %.

Increase of the e-commerce market in Ukraine was one of the biggest trends in 2020. According to the statistics of Euromonitor International, the market share of the online sales in Ukraine reached 8% of all retail in the country. Ukrainian e-commerce shows +45% growth every year to the previous one. The tempo of the e-commerce increase in Ukraine is one of the highest in Eastern and Central Europe.

Another trend in Ukraine – is growth of the omnichannel business. Retail companies noticed that online platforms could become an effective tool to boost the off-line business. Even the companies which traditionally sell only through the brick and mortar stores in 2020 started to pay attention to online promotion and expand their presence in the Internet.

The Colliers Retail survey in May 2020 demonstrates that more than 49% of respondents among Ukrainian companies confirmed that they plan to develop online sales channels in the nearest future.

The multichannel sales are also used by the fashion industry.

Today the fashion industry in Ukraine is utilizing multichannel sales (without click&collect). At the same time, retailers in other market shares prefer the omnichannel approach.

Big e-commerce players in Ukraine are increasing their offline expansion as well. One of the biggest ones is Rozetka, which opened 5 flagship stores (with space 1,500 – 3,000 sq m each) and 70+ pick-up stores by November 2020.