Hire a HR manager in Ukraine

UkrainExports provides services for finding, interviewing, and hiring HR manager in Ukraine.

The HR manager in Ukraine is a specialist who, depending on the rules of the company, is engaged in the selection, adaptation, dismissal and even development of personnel.

What does an HR manager do in Ukraine?

The responsibilities of a HR manager depend on the size and structure of the company.

  • The HR manager in Ukraine constantly monitors the situation on the labor market, trends and the average salary of specialists in various specialties.
  • The HR manager in Ukraine finds staff for the company, is responsible for hiring planning, creates a talent pool.
  • The HR manager creates a system of employee motivation.
  • The HR in Ukraine is responsible for corporate culture: forms the socio-psychological climate, values ​​and employee interest in achieving common goals.
  • The HR manager organizes professional and psychological adaptation of new employees, conducts employee certification, develops and implements personnel management methods, works with employees who quit.
  • The HR is responsible for organizing trainings and training seminars for employees.

What skills does an HR manager in Ukraine need?

  • A HR manager must understand psychology and understand what personal qualities a particular specialist needs in order to take a position.
  • Professionally possess communication skills for interviewing, be able to relieve mental stress, tune a person to a conversation, calm down and support.
  • It is important to know the current labor legislation, the rules for drawing up documentation for the hiring and dismissal of personnel.
  • Be empathetic and open.