Hire a supervisor in Ukraine

Companies hire a supervisor in Ukraine to control the work of their subordinates. UkrainExports is ready to find the best supervisors in Ukraine for you, conduct interviews, train and introduce an employee to the position.
To put it simply, to hire a supervisor in Ukraine means to hire an observer, overseer and controller. Everything that a supervisor does in Ukraine is related to monitoring the results of the team’s work, coordinating them and improving interaction.
Most often, supervisors in Ukraine are hired by organizations with an extensive supply chain, complex logistics and a large number of specialists.

These organizations include:
  • transport companies and delivery services;
  • retail chains selling food products;
  • network marketing and sales services;
  • oil and gas and oil service companies (drilling supervisors), etc.

In other words, a supervisor in Ukraine is a middle or lower level manager. In his subordination may be sales representatives, merchandisers, movers and pickers, as well as logisticians and forwarders. Trade supervisors in Ukraine are the most demanded vacancy in the labor market.

Why should you hire a supervisor in Ukraine?

At any enterprise, a supervisor in Ukraine is responsible for several important areas:
  • setting current tasks for the team;
  • control over the quality of work performance;
  • hiring and firing employees;
  • training of new specialists;
  • drawing up reports on work, expenses, income and profits;
  • resolution of conflict situations.

If you hire a supervisor in Ukraine, be prepared to provide him with access to personal data of employees and the right to dispose of entrusted resources. The supervisor can also request funding from superiors.
The duties of a supervisor in Ukraine may include planning, developing a marketing strategy for the company, and making adjustments. Also, this specialist can solve questions about bonuses for especially effective employees.
A supervisor’s working day in Ukraine takes place in a warehouse, shop or company. He oversees the work of the team, and, if necessary, intervenes in the work process.

But it is not always necessary and there is an opportunity to employ a supervisor in Ukraine in the company’s staff. For this position, you can hire people with outside experience. In this case, the supervisor’s job responsibilities are simpler – inspecting the work of the team, observing the work and issuing their recommendations with comments.

The staff supervisor is required to be present at the workplace on a daily basis. He bears personal responsibility for the activities of his team, for the health and lives of employees.

Additional knowledge that a supervisor needs to do his job:
  • labor legislation and regulations governing the activities of the enterprise;
  • production organization principles;
  • technological chains, volumes and quality of product supplies, etc.