How to hire a sales representative in Ukraine?

UkrainExports provides services for finding, interviewing, hiring and control of sales representatives in Ukraine.

To hire sales representatives in Ukraine is an effective way of promoting goods or services of small, medium and even large businesses in the regions of our country.

Who is a sales rep in Ukraine?

A sales representative in Ukraine is an intermediary between your campaign and a distributor in Ukraine or a retail outlet if you work directly with retail.

A sales rep is the most important link in the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. And yet, different companies in their own way understand the meaning of the activities of a sales rep in Ukraine. The reason for this is the relative novelty of the profession in Ukraine (less than 20 years) and the diversity of the sales sphere as an industry.

To understand what a sales representative in Ukraine is doing, we will describe its main functions:

  • maintaining relationships with the existing customer base;
  • searching for new clients and expanding the client base;
  • acceptance of new orders and control of execution;
  • increasing sales and expanding the range of customers in Ukraine;
  • providing maximum support for sales at a point of sale, consulting personnel, communicating with consumers;
  • document management and financial control.

The main task of a sales representative in Ukraine is to make sure that the goods of your company end up on the shelf at the point of sale, and the money for the goods returns to you as soon as possible. In short, this is called a sale.

Sales is a key division of any company operating in the Ukrainian market. Of course, any company needs competent marketers and quality control managers, competent purchase managers, accountants and lawyers, hardworking project managers, but the only link that makes a profit is sales reps in Ukraine, because if the company’s products are not sold, it means that the money will not be returned to the cashier.

The most commonly used division of sales representatives in Ukraine by trade channels:

  • for wholesale companies;
  • for traditional retail;
  • for modern retail;
  • by HORECA (hotels, clubs, cafes, restaurants).

What skills do sales reps need in Ukraine?

  • Ability to communicate with people and the ability to persuade;
  • Ability to plan working hours;
  • Skills of direct, cold and telephone sales;
  • Ability to compose commercial offers;
  • Knowledge of office programs and computer skills;
  • Ability to deal with objections.