Ukrainian market analysis

Analysis of the Ukrainian market is the first step to make business in Ukraine both for exporters and for importers.

Analysis is an important tool for export to Ukraine, because it gives an idea of ​​market conditions, tells about potential distributors and competitors.

For the importer, the analysis of the Ukrainian market is first of all information about the largest suppliers, their prices and working conditions.

For each of our clients we prepare an individual analysis of the Ukrainian market in the selected industry in accordance with the needs of the client.

Basic structure of the Ukrainian market analysis:

1. Basic information.

1.1. Market overview.
1.2. Market volume.

2. Activities of companies in the industry.

2.1. Number of companies in the industry.
2.2. Structure of production.
2.3. Structure of wholesale trade turnover.
2.4. Structure of retail trade turnover.

3.Main competitors.

4. Foreign economic activity.

4.1. The list of exporters or importers in Ukraine according to your HS codes.
4.2. The volume of imported or exported products.
4.3. Ranking of companies by the volume of imports and exports.

5. Price situation.

7. Conclusions.