Hire an assistant manager in Ukraine

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An assistant manager in Ukraine is a person who helps the boss in all matters. Without it, the manager will not even remember the road to his office, so the assistant becomes, in fact, the second most important person in the company.

What does an assistant manager do in Ukraine

The responsibilities of an assistant manager are very flexible because they depend primarily on who hires the assistant. One manager only needs to conduct business correspondence and create a convenient schedule of meetings. And the other will demand to take his children from school, a dog from a hairdresser, and clothes from dry cleaning.

Among the traditional duties of an assistant manager in Ukraine:
  • time management of the manager (the assistant appoints the time of meetings and business trips, makes sure that the boss adheres to the schedule);
  • planning business appointments and travel for the manager, sometimes escort;
  • correspondence and telephone conversations with business partners and clients;
  • records management;
  • performing the duties of a translator, writing business letters in a foreign language;
  • ensuring the comfort of the manager – the assistant controls that the office is clean and comfortable, there is always enough stationery, reminds of a lunch break, sometimes orders food with delivery, and also brings coffee to the boss and visitors;
  • reporting on the work done.
What skills does an assistant manager need?
  • Higher or specialized secondary education (profile – in the specialty “Assistant to the director”, “Secretary”, or in the field of business, document management, management).
  • Organizational skills.
  • Ability to work with documents.
  • Knowledge of basic office programs.
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode.
  • Diplomacy and knowledge of business etiquette.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Stress resistance.
  • Non-conflict.
  • Ability to store information. After all, a lot of data received by the assistant in the course of work is a trade secret.
  • Also, such traits as resourcefulness, erudition, pleasant, but not too bright appearance, a high level of working capacity and the ability to obey are welcome.

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