Hire a sales manager in Ukraine

Together with UkrainExports, you can create your own sales department in Ukraine and establish an effective sales system in the Ukrainian market.

A sales manager in Ukraine as well as a sales representative is a profession that is in great demand today. Every company that provides services, manufactures or sells has a sales force on its staff.

Why do companies hire sales managers in Ukraine?

A sales manager in Ukraine does everything to sell a service or product: advises buyers, helps them understand the types of goods or services in order to choose exactly what they need. Such a specialist needs to be well versed in what he offers to clients. Typically, salespeople are given some kind of minimal coaching or even full introductory courses with an exam before they take on their responsibilities.

What skills does a sales manager in Ukraine need?

  • Ability to communicate with people and have the gift of persuasion.
  • Perfect knowledge of the products or services to be sold. As well as knowledge of competitors.
  • Non-conflict.
  • Ability to win over and find a common language with different people.
  • Competent written and oral speech.