Hire a merchandizer in Ukraine

UkrainExports provides services for finding, interviewing, hiring and monitoring merchandisers in Ukraine.

A merchandiser in Ukraine is a representative of your company who controls the availability of the entire assortment of your company on the store shelves and the location of goods or advertising materials about them in the most attractive places for buyers.

Why do companies hire a merchandiser in Ukraine?

From the outside, it may seem that a merchandiser in Ukraine is only displaying goods on empty places in store shelves. But a specialist of this profile has much more functions, tasks and goals:

  • A merchandiser in Ukraine is responsible for displaying products according to a specific scheme developed by marketers; assessment of the stock of specific items, tracking and timely replenishment of stocks;
  • A merchandiser in Ukraine will conduct an inventory at a point of sale, assist in the movement of goods in a warehouse, attach and change price tags;
  • A merchandiser in Ukraine decorates counters and other parts of the store with advertising products;
  • The merchandiser will carry out promotions or assistance in organizing them, actions to reduce prices and inform the administration about the risk of possible loss of inventory and what measures should be taken in this regard.
  • The merchandiser can also participate in the delivery and receipt of goods and check that the products are in a marketable condition before they are laid out on the stand. The quality of the merchandiser’s work directly affects the sales figures of a particular outlet. As a rule, under the tutelage of a merchandiser – from three to twenty stores. Moreover, for successful work, they often need to be visited almost daily.
We are hiring merchandisers in Ukraine with the following skills:
  • Know how to organize work to generate demand and increase sales.
  • Understanding of the basic principles of marketing and management, types of advertising and methods of product promotion.
  • Knowledge of the principles of organizing retail space and evaluating the effectiveness of placing goods on the shelves.
  • Understanding the psychology and behavior of buyers.
  • Knowledge of the main characteristics and prices of products sold.
  • Possession of the basics of sociology, economics, psychology and ethics.
  • It is desirable – a driver’s license.

It is also good for a merchandiser in Ukraine to be executive, observant, convincing and self-confident. In many cases, these personality traits can outweigh work experience and become decisive for an employer.