Hire a purchasing manager in Ukraine.

UkrainExports provides services for finding, interviewing, hiring and monitoring purchasing manager in Ukraine.

To hire purchasing manager in Ukraine is an effective way to establish an uninterrupted purchases and supplies of goods or services from Ukraine.

Responsibilities of a purchasing manager in Ukraine.

The responsibilities of the purchasing manager in Ukraine include constant market research of the purchased product, checking the quality of the purchased product in accordance with the required level, tracking price movements in the market, finding out the reputation of potential suppliers, discussing the terms of the contract, terms and conditions of delivery, transport and customs issues.

The main requirements for a purchasing manager in Ukraine are excellent analytical skills, knowledge of the contractual terms of supply, knowledge of the work of transport and customs, and finally, a strong character, the ability to make responsible decisions.

Qualification requirements to the purchasing manager in Ukraine.

Procurement activity in different organizations is different: some firms regularly buy complex technical devices and conclude international agreements, while others only need office stationary and occasionally new computers. Accordingly, the requirements for a purchasing manager in different companies will be different. We are ready to find narrow specialist for your company or a experienced purchasing manager able to learn the specifics of your business.

We are ready to hire a purchasing manager in Ukraine, even with special requirements such as:
  • knowledge of a certain foreign language, if the importer company does not have a supervisor in Ukraine;
  • specific specialized education, for example, a company that imports medical equipment from Ukraine needs a manager with medical education;
  • experience in the field of purchasing certain goods, knowledge of the specifics of a particular market.

Please contact us and we will help you to hire a purchasing manager in Ukraine and other employees according to your request.