Hire a customs broker in Ukraine

UkrainExports is ready to provide you the services of customs broker in Ukraine. On the other hand, we can help you to find and hire the customs broker to your team.

Customs clearance, foreign trade, payment of taxes to government agencies – all this can scare entrepreneurs or those who are new to the custom clearance of goods at customs. Often businesspersons are looking for someone who will complete all the necessary formalities for the successful implementation of the plan. This is done by special people – customs brokers in Ukraine. Who are they and what functions do they perform?

Customs broker in Ukraine – is a legal or natural person who acts as an intermediary between state customs authorities and entrepreneurs, and represents the interests of customers ordering services for customs clearance of goods. This person can perform a full range of logistics services: registration of exports to Ukraine / imports from Ukraine, planning a foreign trade agreement or legal support of foreign economic activity.

The customs representative in Ukraine must have a license for the right to carry out customs brokerage activities, issued by the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Customs brokers in Ukraine are ready to represent interests of your business in customs and governing bodies, can issue official certification documents and permissions, and also to conduct commercial and shipping documentation. And this is not a complete list of services provided.

Unfortunately, in the field of foreign economic activity in Ukraine, the legislation introduces constant changes, which significantly complicate the work on customs clearance. If companies do not turn to professional Ukrainian brokers, they can “lose”. One minor mistake during customs clearance and that’s it: missed delivery times, downtime, fines imposed by customs officers.

What does the customs broker in Ukraine carry out?

  • deals with the full declaration of goods;
  • draws up the goods customs declaration and other documentation;
  • determines the code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity;
  • calculates the cost of all customs duties;
  • checks the availability of the necessary documentation and their correct completion for the successful passage of customs;
  • submits to the customs authority a declaration for all products, necessary documents and information;
  • interacts on a regular basis with government officials.

The list of customs intermediary services is regulated by law and depends on the client’s requirements. For example, a customs broker in Ukraine can provide advice, answer all questions related to the legal field of customs; expertly evaluate some types of equipment; provide legal support in special atypical situations.

If you decide to use the services of the Ukrainian customs broker, be sure that he will protect your company from customs losses and risks. After all, you enter into an agreement with a customs representative, which specifies the rights, obligations of the parties, contingencies and more.

It should be noted that many countries around the world carry out international transportation exclusively with the help of customs brokers. If specialists are licensed, they are legally responsible for non-disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information of their customers. That is why the main thing is to carefully approach the choice of this specialist. After all, he is responsible for the payments and infallibility in the design of all papers.