We are solving multiple tasks to remove the language, distance, Covid quarantine, political and culture barriers between your business and Ukraine.

We have 3 packages of services:
  1. Online.
  2. Online + Offline.
  3. Online + Offline + Experts.

Online package

Step 1. Ukrainian market research.

We will prepare an analysis of the Ukrainian market in the selected segment. This will give you an idea of ​​market saturation, number and size of players. Market analysis will help you to adjust your commercial offer, sales and marketing plan.

Step 2. Directory of importers or exorters in Ukraine.

We will compile a long list of importers or exporters in Ukraine according to your custom codes (HS codes). Only a small part of Ukrainian companies have an English-language version of the website, even fewer companies have created a showcase on international B2B platforms. Therefore, it is not easy to assess a potential partner correctly, to distinguish a small wholesaler from a market leader, a reseller from a factory. We will help you with this.

Step 3. Short list of TOP20 companies.

After that, we will collect all available information about these companies and select the TOP 20 potential partners that meet your selection criteria. We do not offer 1 000 email addresses that will even not respond to your emails. We analyze the best companies and select only market leaders who meet your requirements and have a good reputation.

Step 4. Contact with decision makers.

We will identify the decision makers in each of the 20 companies and establish contact using email, phone, Viber, other messengers and social media. We will agree on the next step — the time and method of the presentation.

Step 5. Your company presentation.

On behalf of your company, we will conduct a presentation of your business or your products to the future partners.

Step 6. Get feedback.

We will get a response and constructive feedback from 10+ companies. At this stage, we can start working with a new partner or adjust our commercial proposal.


If you select this package, all services from the Online package are available to you, as well as:

Step 7. Exhibitions in Ukraine.

We will register and take part in the Ukrainian trade show, fair or exhibition on behalf of your company. Depending on your needs we are ready to participate in trade show as exhibitor or visitor. We can collect the information about suppliers or advertise your company to the distributors. In Ukraine, all business is done in person, so the exhibition is the “must have” stage to enter the Ukrainian market. Our company will help you overcome the language barrier, distance, Covid quarantine restrictions, allow you to participate in the trade show with a lower budget and higher profit.

Step 8. Live meetings.

We will set up and hold live meetings with potential partners both within the exhibition and beyond. In fact, this is the service of a professional sales representative in Ukraine.

Step 9. Exchange of samples.

We are ready to receive a consolidated parcel with samples from you and send them by Ukrainian mail to potential partners. This will save your time and money significantly on international courier services.

Step 10. Quality assurance.

We provide quality control on all stages. We are ready to receive and check the samples, visit the factories and plants, control the production, packing and shipping process. You will get no surprises about the quality — only boring and stable business.

Step 11. Marketing campaings.

We are ready to organize and manage any marketing campaigns: from bulk mailing or distributing leaflets to advertising on radio or TV. Let us prepare the budget and you will make sure that we save your budget and make a great job in promotion.


This is a fusion of the previous 2 packages with the opportunity to get 3 hours of consultations from narrow specialists — the best customs brokers, lawyers, accountants and HR in Ukraine.

We will significantly save time and money. CONTACT US now and we will provide you with a free consultation.