Hire an accountant in Ukraine

UkrainExports provides services for finding, interviewing, hiring and monitoring accountant or bookkeepers in Ukraine.

Bookkeeper or accountant in Ukraine is one of the most responsible professions. After all, it is in the hands of these specialists that the documentation for the financial part of each business is located.

What does an accountant do in Ukraine?

An accountant or bookkeeper in Ukraine is not only about debit and credit. This profession requires maximum concentration and attention from a specialist. It is the accountants in Ukraine who are engaged in payroll accounting, prepare and send reports to the tax service, monitor financial flows, monitor production costs, conduct an inventory and process documentation related to the company’s finances.

What skills you need to pay attention to when hiring an accountant in Ukraine:
  • Excellent knowledge of mathematics and fundamentals of economics.
  • Knowledge of statistics and finance, labor legislation, legislation in the accounting industry, audit fundamentals.
  • Ability to work in accounting programs such as “1C: Accounting”.
  • Working in international companies requires knowledge of IFRS (International Financial Reporting System).
  • The ability to educate yourself.
  • Love for numbers and counting.

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