What to import from Ukraine?

According to the results of 2020, foreign companies imported products from Ukraine worth 59.4 billion.
Imports from Ukraine were made by 227 countries.
The percentage of imports of goods from Ukraine is 82.9%. Services – 17.1%.

TOP goods imported from Ukraine:

  • Production of agro-industrial complex and food industry – 45.1%
  • Products of the metallurgical complex – 18.4%
  • Mechanical engineering products – 11.8%
  • Mineral products – 10.8%
  • Products of the chemical industry – 5.5%
  • Wood and paper pulp – 3.7%
  • Various industrial goods – 3.4%
  • Light industry products – 2.2%

Top 15 largest partner countries in the import of goods from Ukraine

  • European Union – 37.8%
  • China – 14.4%
  • Russian Federation – 5.5%
  • Turkey – 5.0%
  • India – 4.0%
  • Egypt – 3.3%
  • Belarus – 2.7%
  • USA – 2%
  • Indonesia – 15%
  • Saudi Arabia – 1.5%
  • Iraq – 1.2%
  • Israel – 1.1%
  • United Arab Emirates – 0.9%.
  • Tunisia – 08%

It should be emphasized that among of the largest importers of Ukrainian products, half are the EU countries with which Ukraine has an agreement on a free trade zone.

What are the potential growth points for the import from Ukraine?

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy advises to bet on organic products. The organic market is one of the most dynamic food markets in the world. Interesting that the organic products import from Ukraine in monetary terms is three times larger than the domestic consumer market in Ukraine – 99 million euros against 29.4 million euros, respectively.
If we talk in terms of new markets – it’s Canada, Israel and Africa. Ukraine signed a free trade agreement with Canada and have a strong and solvent diaspora interested in Ukrainian goods.
During the first year of the agreement, bilateral trade increased by 42%, said Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv. Moreover, Ukrainian exports grew more actively – by almost 73%. According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, exports to Canada were replenished with 154 new product items. At the same time, the largest increase was not shown by raw materials, but by devices on liquid crystals, sound electrical equipment, equipment for rubber and plastic processing, equipment using X-rays, printing equipment. As for agricultural products, they are flour, meat and fish products, processed vegetables. Exports of goods with high added value increased.
In January 2019, after more than five years of negotiations, Ukraine and Israel signed an agreement on free trade in goods. The new free trade area provides for the de facto complete abolition of import duties on industrial goods, with the exception of jewelry. Ukrainian products are well known in the Israeli market. The country is home to a large number of people from Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet Union who know about the quality of Ukrainian goods.