Hire a marketing manager in Ukraine

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A marketer is a specialist in promoting goods and services on the market. This is a person who knows the tastes and preferences of the audience and is able to offer exactly what potential buyers are now demanding.

What does a marketing manager do in Ukraine.

Hiring a marketer in Ukraine means hiring a specialist who combines the skills of a sociologist or even a researcher, copywriter, PR manager, analyst. It highlights exactly what the audience needs to market their product or service. A marketing manager in Ukraine studies the behavior, hobbies, interests, age and gender differences of the audience, coordinates the actions of media partners. In a word, a marketer in Ukraine does everything to ensure that advertising reaches the end user and promotes the popularization of the necessary product on the Ukrainian market.

What are the responsibilities of a marketing manager in Ukraine:
  • analysis of the Ukrainian market and companies in it;
  • development of company positioning in the market and branding;
  • creation and implementation of a marketing strategy;
  • conducting advertising campaigns from development to implementation;
  • implementation and use of lead generation tools (like e-mail newsletters, tele-marketing, contextual and targeted advertising, etc.).
  • analytics of the influence of certain processes or projects;
What skills does a marketer in Ukraine need?
  • Knowledge of marketing fundamentals.
  • Developed communication skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Ability to deliver presentations.
  • Knowledge of consumer psychology.
  • Creative thinking.
How demanded are marketing managers in Ukraine.

In the heyday of advertising, the internet, and the consumer boom? Over-demanded. After all, almost every company in Ukraine needs specialists in promoting goods to the market. Not to mention the agencies that actually specialize in this very promotion.

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