The results of the poll on the popularity of postal services in Ukraine:

According to a poll, the most popular delivery service in Ukraine is Nova Poshta. It serves 64% of all shipments from online stores. The second place was taken by Ukrposhta with a rate of 8%.

According to the table, Ukrposhta leads in the number of branches with more than 12,800 branches. The second place is taken by the Meest Express. The leader of our rating, Nova Poshta, ranks only third in the number of branches. Delfast and Zruchna specialize in address delivery, so they do not need to keep thousands of branches. And the speed of delivery of goods is much higher than that of other services (Delfast delivers parcels in Kiev on electric bicycles, and Zruchna delivers orders in Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper, as well as between these cities). Ukrposhta has the longest parcels – 4-6 days, although it has express delivery, which can handle 1-2 days.


This service is needed by online stores that do not want to spend time organizing the warehouse and delivery of goods. The delivery service, which provides the fulfillment, stores, packs and delivers the goods, as well as sends the customer a notice of shipment. In addition, the service processes payments and transfers funds to the account of the online store. Such services are provided by Nova Poshta, Intime and Zruchna.

Sending multiple items to choose from

This feature is needed by stores whose users run the risk of not guessing the size of the order. By giving customers a choice, stores increase the probability of sale (because after receiving the product with a wrong size, the customer may refuse to buy at all). And buyers get exactly the product that suits them. Unfortunately, this service is provided only by delivery services for online stores Intime and Zruchna.

Delivery at time intervals

Thanks to this service, the customer can choose the time interval for receiving delivery. This function was implemented by all delivery services, except Ukrposhta and Meest Express.

Shipping cost

The cost of delivery is one of the most important criteria for choosing a service. Companies have different rates, which depend on weight, size and distance between destinations.
It turned out that small loads are cheaper to transport by Ukrposhta and Autolux. Medium – Delivery and Bridge Express. And for the big ones it is cheaper to use Ukrposhta and Intime.
The most expensive to transport small loads in the services of Meest Express and Nova Poshta. Medium – in the services of Ukrposhta and Intime. And for the delivery of bulk cargo will have to pay the most Bridge Express.
The market leader Nova Poshta keeps average prices in various categories of delivery, which was a bit surprising, because it has a reputation for service with inflated prices. It also turned out that with Ukrposhta, which is known as the cheapest delivery service in Ukraine, it is relatively expensive to send medium-sized parcels.