Licensing of services in Ukraine

If you plan to provide services, you should know what professional services are subject to mandatory licensing in Ukraine.

The list of activities that need to be licensed includes the law of Ukraine “On licensing of types of entrepreneurial activities”, amended on July 1, 2021.

At the moment, the list of types of business activities that are subject to licensing in Ukraine includes 34 types of services:

  • financial leasing;
  • Provision of guarantees and sureties;
  • Factoring;
  • Special types of insurance defined by law;
  • Lending money with their subsequent return;
  • Management of non-state pension funds;
  • Provision of loans, including financial;
  • Management of funds for the purchase of goods for groups of buyers;
  • Property management to finance construction or real estate transactions;
  • Professional activity in the securities market;
  • Transportation of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by river, sea, road, rail and air transport, international transportation of passengers and goods by road;
  • Security activities;
  • TV and radio broadcasting;
  • Mediation in employment abroad;
  • Manufacture and import of medical devices;
  • Tour operator activity;
  • Activities of a gambling operator;
  • Trust management of financial assets;
  • Veterinary and medical practice;
  • Recycling and disposal of household waste.