Hire a project manager in Ukraine

UkrainExports is ready to help you hire a Project Manager in Ukraine — a specialist who coordinates the team’s actions and is responsible for achieving goals.

What are the responsibilities of a Project manager in Ukraine?

Project managers themselves love the joke that their job is as easy as riding a bicycle. Which burns, and you burn too, and everyone burns around, and you are in hell.

Seriously, if you hire a project manager in Ukraine, you get a specialist who manages the project as a whole. Develops a plan, writes TOR, assembles a team, sets up the process of working on a project, provides feedback between the team and the customer, removes obstacles for the team, monitors quality so that the project is completed on time, efficiently and within budget.

Project managers in Ukraine work wherever there are large-scale tasks that require the participation of various performers. They are in design bureaus, companies organizing exhibitions in Ukraine and conferences, construction firms and even factories.

What skills are needed for a project manager in Ukraine?
  • Understanding of general management.
  • Experience in planning, assessing and eliminating risks, ability to perform administrative tasks and build a team.
  • Understanding the specifics of the market and industry in which the project is being developed; understand at least superficially the technologies used by the team.
  • Ability to work in a multitasking environment.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Knowledge of English.
  • Ability to negotiate and take into account the interests of various groups of people, the ability to politely and clearly express thoughts.

Every year the profession of a project manager in Ukraine is becoming more promising and in demand. Accordingly, the number of vacancies significantly exceeds the number of free project managers in Ukraine. Contact us and we will help you hire the best specialists.